Introducing FOUNDER NFT

NFTmall’s long-term vision to synergize NFT and DeFi includes a revolutionary NFT based INO launchpad called NFT Launchpad that securely connects innovators to investors.

It is built on top of NFTmall’s robust multi-chain & cross-chain infrastructure. Furthermore, as a way to solve rampant drawbacks of existing launchpads. we will be introducing several loyalty reward schemes to incentivize our pioneering investors and innovators. Among the loyalty reward schemes are the Founder NFT representing the highest membership of the upcoming NFTmall’s own INO launchpad — NFT Launchpad.

We proudly announce that investors of NFTmall’s GEM token (all rounds of sales) have an equal chance to win this 50 exclusive NFTmall Founder NFT!

What are Founder NFTs on the NFTmall INO Launchpad?

Founder NFTs are NFTmall’s first loyalty reward upon launching the NFT Launchpad. It is the Blue Chip to participate in the successive sales on the upcoming NFTmall INO platform/LaunchPad. With the Founder NFTs, lucky owners are entitled to several activities at discount rates based on nominations and loyalty.

There will be only 200 of these Founder NFTs will be ever created, and they will be packed with utility across the NFTmall Ecosystem, and will entitle their holders to unique privileges and unlock new experiences.

50 NFTmall’s Founder NFTs, what for?

Founder NFT is our first step to solving the difficulties of getting whitelisted in traditional INO platforms. With it, lucky owners will get whitelisted with ease for every INO on the launchpad. In addition, these NFTs over time might have significant financial benefits, considering that they will give access to participate in all the partnered/launched projects of the NFTmalls INO platform. Winners of NFTmall founder NFTs will be able to trade those NFTs on secondary marketplaces for financial gains. Ideally, Founder NFTs price should appreciate commensurate with the GEM token and the growth of the NFTmall ecosystem including NFT Launchpad and others. Owners of Founder NFT can use it for membership fees as needed. For instance, if the GEM token price reaches $5, and the highest membership requires staking 5,000 GEM, each Founder NFT will have $25,000 in value.

What are we doing, and what next?

Recall that we have already demonstrated successful IDO launches by completing 3 rounds of presale on our platform that are sold out within minutes. In addition, leveraging the Founder NFTs will guarantee owners access to forthcoming INOs on NFT Launchpad instead of holding a specified amount of GEM as per membership requirements.

IDO Demo

Also, our NFT marketplace is live on Binance Smart Chain (Beta) allowing NFT creators to mint, display, and sell on the platform. Thus, we got the followership, confidence, and courage to bring our own INO launchpad. Having had several successes, we are building on them to launch the beta phase of the NFT Launchpad.

We are currently testing the NFT Launchpad platform, while we wait to complete the remaining rounds of sales, Public Round A and B respectively. In between the rounds, we have successfully integrated KYCaid since KYC is one of the requirements for whitelisting in the public rounds.
According to our roadmap, we are keeping to date, launching the NFT Launchpad in Q3 2021.

Thank you for supporting NFTmall!




NFTmall is the First Creator-Centric, DeFi-Powered, Physically-Redeemable NFT marketplace.

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NFTmall is the First Creator-Centric, DeFi-Powered, Physically-Redeemable NFT marketplace.

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