Introducing Our Collaboration with aiRight, A Big Step Towards Authentic NFTs.

2 min readJan 27, 2023
NFTmall x aiRight

We are excited to partner with aiRight to bring authenticity checks to our NFT marketplace, NFTmall. As the world of NFTs continues to grow, it is essential for us to ensure the authenticity & verification of the NFTs on our platform for the benefit of our users and avoid counterfeit NFTs.

Mechanism: The Oracle can be consumed as an API and added to minting smart contracts to prevent counterfeit /spammy NFTs or not allowing to mint counterfeit NFTs.
The mechanism works similarly to the Google Image verification service but with an on-chain database. Alternatively, an Authenticity report can be generated/added to the marketplace so buyers can get a clear view of content originality.

The current solution includes NFTs from ETH & Polygon chains as well as many other chains to be added soon. So it’s a great way to see if the Artwork/NFT you intend to buy is currently being sold on other chains or counterfeit!

I.e: Front end UI NFT Authenticity & Verification service to generate reports.

aiRight & NFTmall are the leaders in the field of NFT authenticity and has a proven track record of indexing multiple blockchain chains.

We are thrilled to be the first NFT marketplace to collaborate and develop an AI-powered NFT authentication service, and this partnership will pique the interest of other major NFT marketplaces.

As we begin to integrate our smart contract and implement NFT authenticity checks via our front-end user interface, we are starting with aiRight’s supported chain, ETH & Polygon and subsequently adding all commonly supported chains. Our platform operates on multiple chains, and we want to ensure that all our users have access to authentic NFTs no matter which chain they are on.

This partnership not only benefits NFTmall users, but it also provides exposure aiRight to our community of over 200K + NFTmall users and growing.

We look forward to a productive partnership and continuing to provide our users with the best NFT experience possible.

Stay tuned for more updates on our partnership with aiRight and its mother company Orai chain the implementation of NFT authenticity & verification checks on the NFTmall
platform. 👀

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