NFTmall Collaborates with Cryptovergelijken!

Dear, GEM💎Army,

NFTmall is delighted to announce a partnership with Cryptovergelijken, which is a Dutch crypto news outlet, community service and paid to learn trade channel. On the Cryptovergelijken website, every link to a broker/exchange are affiliated links and there are many options to place advertisements blogs and newsletters.

Through this partnership, Cryptovergelijken will list NFTmall on the official website, which there are over 10k+ visitors per month now on their website. Other incomings for the partnership:

o Open chat discussion with constructive and substantive discussions and info about the crypto market

o A move of the market analysis from the silver group (with delay)

o AMAs with crypto projects + chance to win prizes!

o Support from crypto market professionals!

o On-chain data package access via the website + tutorial

o Daily market update, charts, on-chain data analysis

o Weekly discord live session

o Tailor-made personal guidance

o Learning materials

About Cryptovergelijken

Cryptovergelijken can offer products and services that support people in their learning path to independent crypto traders. Experienced traders can also benefit from a community full of helpful fellow sufferers with us. In this way, Cryptovergelijken can offer a platform that benefits both the novice and the experienced trader!

Through services, Cryptovergelijken offers a nuanced picture of current events in the crypto market, but sometimes also of relevant events in the world that we believe could affect this. Although in some situations certain consequences seem very plausible, crypto is a volatile market to which many diverse interests are attached in the background. This makes things unpredictable at times, but Cryptovergelijken experience shows that persistence wins if you know the risks at all times and act accordingly. Cryptovergelijken will provide you with tools to learn this and much more!

Some products and services are available to everyone, while others require a subscription. There are three choices, as shown below. Cryptovergelijken hope you’re interested and join our wonderful community today!

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Instagram

About NFTmall

NFTmall is a cross-chain, multi-standard NFT Marketplace & Launchpad. It is the world’s first creator-centric, Defi & e-commerce powered, physically redeemable NFT Marketplace & Launchpad. It is live mainnet on BSC, ETH, Avalanche, Polygon and plans to launch its mainnet on Fantom & other networks very soon. NFTmall has continued to elevate the NFTmarketplace to bring the most pleasing user experience and veracious ability to explore interoperability in the NFT metaverse.

Buy GEM in various Dex’s across the chains, we have bridged BEP20 GEM and added liquidity on various Dex’s, with only 20 million to ever be released and liquidity on top decimals, it’s the perfect way to get started with a high tier altcoin.

🌟 BSC GEM Contract address:

🌟 Avalanche GEM Contract address

🌟 Polygon GEM Contract address

🌟 Ethereum GEM Contract address

You can also join the NFTmall community on our social media platforms.

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