NFTmall Creator Accelerator Program: Explained.

3 min readJun 8, 2022

A primary part of the NFTmall mission is to provide incentivization opportunities to the artist's community. To achieve a flourishing and growing ecosystem, we decided to launch together with ThunderCore the Creator Accelerator Program.

Program Period: 2022/06/08 ~ 2022/11/05

We Have Extended!
To assure Quality NFT collections onboarding and to empower creativity we have decided to extend the program time till 5th November 2022!

*This program will end once the 10 qualified projects have been selected.

Who are the Creator Accelerator Program Grants for?

  • If you are an NFT artist or an NFT collection owner and looking for additional exposure for your NFTs and Art.
  • If your project looking for additional promotions to increase sales.
  • If you have great art and want to earn profits from selling them.

Creator Accelerator Program Requirements:

  1. First Create and Deploy your NFT collection on ThunderCore Blockchain.
  2. Maintain an official Social Media Channel for your project:
  • Twitter or Discord or Telegram (at least 1)

3. Apply to List & Get verified collection on NFTmall via this application form.

4. prove that you are the creator of the project by submitting any one of the following in our application form:

  • Give us a shout-out on any social media channel then submit a screenshot and link to the Tweet.
  • DM/video us the source file.

5. Once you have qualified for the requirements above, you will need to submit this application form —

Rewards Allocation:

Total 5,000 USD in $GEM (500 USD in $GEM * 10 qualified projects)

Evaluation of Applicants:

Evaluation will take into consideration a few major criteria:
1. Quality of the art provided. We’re looking for the most-quality pieces of art that will most likely sell more.
2. Uniqueness. We want to have collections that are unique to ThunderCore or collections that show a different approach to existing collections in the NFT world.
3. Social Media Exposure. We want to get the most eyes on your NFTs. We will choose NFTs according to their potential social media exposure and engagement.


  • Your NFT collection must include at least 50+ NFTs to be considered a collection.
  • When submitting the application form for the Creator Accelerator program, your submission must meet all the requirements for the Creator Accelerator Program to be considered a qualified submission.
  • This program will be strictly limited to the first 10 creative and valid project submissions that have qualified for the requirements of this Creator Accelerator Program.
  • This program will end once the 10 qualified projects have been selected.
  • ThunderCore and NFTmall team reserves the right under its sole discretion to verify and disqualify the submissions of the creativity level of each project to determine whether the collection qualifies for the Creator Accelerator Program as an authentic, creative and original NFT collection.

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