NFTmall Enters Strategic Partnership With Xion Global!

NFTmall X Xion Global

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with XION Global, a decentralised payment portal that disrupts the e-commerce payment industry, empowering both business owners and consumers. This partnership will undoubtedly provide countless benefits for our community and theirs as we launch our decentralised payment gateway alongside them.

When considering different payment gateways to collaborate with, we felt it was fundamental to select one that shared our core values of creating an ecosystem built on trust. As such, Xion becomes a good and strategic choice, and we look forward to the opportunities that our combined forces can generate.

NFTmall also launches GEM Staking Pool on

Pool 1

Stake token: GEM

Reward token: XGT

Staking Period: 30 Days

Pool 2

Stake token: XGT

Reward token: GEM

Staking Period: 30 Days

Staking Pools will go live on 29th at 2:00 PM UTC and Reward per block & staking APR info will be announced.


In Addition, NFTmall also confirmed spots on Xion’s AR Marketplace! Where Genesis pieces of NFTmalls upcoming Founder NFT series NFT “Angry Eaglets” will be advertised through 3D Modeling of those particular pieces for trading purposes.

We believe this commitment to proper due diligence and transparency is a shining example of what our decentralised projects are achieving.

As a result, we are thrilled at the prospect of the growth from our partnership with them.

About NFTmall

NFTmall is a multi-standard, multi-chain NFT platform where gifted artists (creators) produce and display their skills while earning incentives without third-party interference. It also allows collectors and affiliates to have fun while also earning. NFTmall is not just a marketplace but a community with a native governance token known as GEM that empowers creativity. Look at it as a community that enables NFT production, yielding and staking.

NFTmall GEM token bsc address:

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About Xion

Xion Global is a trusted payment gateway built for the new age. A protocol that's aimed at helping anyone get into e-commerce, with a crypto payment gateway that saves, rewards and builds loyalty.

Xion Finance is the DeFi side of Xion Global(jointly known as Xion) that offers cross-chain staking, farming and crypto shopping options with up to 100% cash back rewards. Available on BSC & xDAI.

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