NFTmall is about to go Live on ThunderCore — Release your Arts!

ThunderCore is an ultra-secure and high-performance public blockchain focused on sustainably solving the so-called blockchain trilemma, which states that when choosing between scalability, security, and decentralisation, one of the three must be sacrificed.
ThunderCore which is one of the growing and most popular chains out there, just rebranded its logo, designs, and goals to feature more utility and confidence for the network. The focus now is on all about leading the Mobile Entertainment Revolution Into Web3.

NFTmall is the world’s first NFT auction house, a multichain NFT infrastructure provider, and an NFT marketplace, including a launchpad with NFT materialisation option.

To catch the innovative spirit, we decided to add ThunderCore as a supported chain for the NFTmall marketplace. Saying that means it’s now possible to mint NFTs onto the ThunderCore (TT) chain on NFTmall. Artists on ThunderCore now have a place to share their art pieces and their imagination.

Introducing the Creator Accelerator Program

To incentivise NFT artists and creators on the ThunderCore, we’re going to distribute $5000 USD rewards to the most quality NFT collections listed on the NFTmall.
For full details, Keep an eye on our upcoming Email notifications & Medium Post.
Airing Time:
~8th of June, 2022.

We also look forward to arranging the NFT Trading competition upon successful compilation of the Creator Accelerator Program.

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