NFTmall opens the door to the Featured Creators!

2 min readJul 2, 2021


NFTmall is the world’s first creator centric physically orderable NFT marketplace & launchpad.

Get yourself featured on the NFTmall homepage and your artworks/drops minted and featured on our NFTmall marketplace!

Think of it as a feature exhibition at a world-class gallery — but with your artwork being displayed and marketed on centre stage for all eyes to see.
Showcase your talent to the world. Monetize your artworks with NFTmall.

What are the benefits?

Getting featured on NFTmall and obtaining a Premium Badge comes with lots of exclusive perks. Your profile will be showcased on the homepage, which means visibility of your NFTs would increase and be easy to find, resulting in an increase in sells, highlights drop, free marketing promotion from NFTmalls socials and zero minting fees, also the Royalty payment set by you, the Creator!

Yes, you heard it right! NFTmall believes Royalty percentage should be set/ determined by its creator, contrary to the entire landscape of marketplaces currently on the market.

As well as featured creators will also have a guaranteed listing of their popular NFTs/collections in the NFT art gallery at NFTverse upon its launch!

After all, your talent and creativity deserve to be rewarded fairly.

How to apply for Featured Creators:

There are two options through which applicants can apply to be selected as “Featured Creators” as well as obtain a verified badge.

Option 1: Please fill in the form below and submit your Artist profile.

Apply Now!

Option 2: Send us an email at with “Application for NFTmall Featured Creators” in the subject line. Please answer the following questions in the email:

  • Share a small self-introduction.
  • Share the links to your website | portfolio | social media accounts (the more the better).
  • Describe your previous experience (if any) with NFTs.
  • Tell us why you’re applying to be the “ Featured Creator”
  • Share your previous work samples. We accept multiple formats, including MP4, MPEG, AVI, wav, mp4, jpg, png, SVG, and gif with 100MB as the maximum.
  • If we select you as one of our Featured creators - what kind of NFT contents/ drop will you list or mint on our NFTmall marketplace?

We will process incoming applications on a monthly rolling basis. Both successful & unsuccessful applicants get notified via email in the near term (within a month).

We look forward to seeing your artworks!




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