NFTmall opens GEM 💎 Farm & Staking Pool with BSCStation!

NFTmall X BSCS to Open GEM 💎 Farm on BSCS!

Dear GEM 💎Army, we gladly announce our recent Partnership with BSCStation!

We are delighted to introduce a new GEM💎Farm and Pool on BSCStation!

Stake GEM-BNB LP to Earn GEM💎 is going LIVE on the 1st of September 2021 at 2 PM UTC.
Get your GEM-BNB LP tokens ready to Farm precious GEM 💎!

The details are as follows:

The Farm Pool: Stake GEM-BNB LP earn GEM

  • Token: GEM
  • Contract Address: 0xBaC1df744df160877cDc45E13d0394c06bC388Ff
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
  • Total Rewards:10,000 GEM
  • Daily emission (Based on 28,800 blocks per day): 333.333 per day
  • Distribution duration: 30 days
  • Token rewards per block: 0.01157 GEM

*How to add liquidity on BSCS Swap:

*Join farm pools at:

The Start Pool: Stake BSCS earn GEM


We are also delighted to introduce our Partner BSCS startpool where BSCS holders & the community have the opportunity now to earn some Precious GEM!

  • Token: BSCS
  • Contract Address: 0x53E562b9B7E5E94b81f10e96Ee70Ad06df3D2657
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
  • Total Rewards: 10,000 GEM
  • Daily emission (Based on 28,800 blocks per day): 333.333 GEM per day
  • Distribution duration: 30 days
  • Token rewards per block: 0.01157 GEM

*How to stake:

*Join pools at:

Staking Terms

The rewards distribution mechanism will follow a fixed per block strategy in each day assigned proportionately to the stakers of the pool in each given block. The earlier and the longer you stake, the more token rewards you will earn.

Unstaking Fee

If you unstake your funds within 72 hours from staking, the system will charge you an unstaking fee.

BSCStation Unstaking Fee is 2%. After 72 hours, you can unstake with no fee. The unstaking fee timer resets back to the start every time you stake more tokens.

About BSC Station

BSC Station (BSCS) aims to build a Full-Stack DeFi with NFT Auction on the Binance Smart Chain. BSC Station provides exclusive services including BSC Swap, IDO Launchpad, Farming/staking, Liquidity mining, NFT Auction and Marketplace.

BSCS operates on top of the Binance Smart Chain and is designed to offer maximum value to consumers and institutions. Binance Smart Chain has solved the problem of infrastructure in the context of BSCS’s product, and that BSCS represents the ideal use case to leverage the technologies offered by its platform.

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About NFTmall

NFTmall is a cross-chain, multi-standard marketplace. It is the world's first creator-centric, Defi & e-commerce powered, physically redeemable NFT marketplace. It is live Mainnet on BSC and plans to launch its mainnet on Polygon & other networks very soon. NFTmall has continued to elevate the NFTmarketplace to bring the most pleasing user experience and veracious ability to explore interoperability in the NFT metaverse. With the integration with Ivan on Tech’s high-powered tools, the NFTmall marketplace is sure to be one of a kind.

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