NFTmall-Partners with CZodiac!

NFTmall X CZodiac

NFTmalls Most recent Partnership with CZodiac and Opens $GEM 💎 Staking Pool on CZodiac! 🎉

Now Stakers Can Stake $GEM 💎 and get rewarded with $CZF

With this Partnership signed, $GEM holders now can Stake $GEM in various Partnered Staking Pool as their willingness and opportunity to get rewarded with either $GEM,$BLAST,$AMPLE or most recent addition $CZF token.


Staking Pool goes LIVE soon and will be announced soon, keep an eye and stay tuned!

Pool 1:

Stake Token: $GEM

Reward Token: $CZF

Staking period: 30 days

Reward per block: To be announced ( Early Staking high APR)

Staking APR: to be notified (Early Staking High APR)

Pool 2:

Stake token: $CZF

Reward Token: $GEM

Staking period: 30 days

About CZodiac

Lucky portfolio with CZF, Chinese zodiac NFTs and tokens, farming, defi and games all on the BSC.

website | Telegram | Twitter |

About NFTmall

NFTmall is a cross-chain, multi-standard marketplace. It is the world’s first creator-centric, Defi & e-commerce powered, physically redeemable NFTmarketplace. It is live Mainnet on BSC and plans to launch its mainnet on Polygon & other networks very soon.NFTmall has continued to elevate the NFTmarketplace to bring the most pleasing user experience and veracious ability to explore interoperability in the NFT metaverse.

NFTmall GEM token bsc address:

Website | Twitter |Telegram |Discord | Reddit | Instagram | LinkedIn



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