NFTmall Partnership with BitKeep Digital Asset Wallet!

NFTmall X Bitkeep

Dear, GEM💎Army,

NFTmall is delighted to announce a partnership with BitKeep, a decentralized multi-chain digital wallet dedicated to providing safe and convenient digital asset management services to crypto users around the world.

Through this partnership, BitKeep users can now interact with the NFTmall dapp platform effortlessly and seamlessly, while NFTmall GEM holders now have an alternative wallet in which they can safely store their GEM tokens while ensuring total functionality with the NFTmall platform.

BitKeep currently has almost five million users in 168 countries and facilitates 30 blockchains including Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Terra Luna, so NFTmall GEM users can be sure of being in good hands.

NFTmall GEM token holders can visit BitKeep’s website for more information on the wallet and how it works while existing BitKeep users will soon be able to connect their wallets to the NFTmall platform.

About BitKeep

BitKeep is a digital asset wallet that beginners can master in one minute. Safe storage of cryptocurrency — take control of your own assets. Supports 40+ main chains, 45000+ crypto assets; support the trading of various assets on DEX. 8000+ DApp ecosystem functions — enjoy DeFi


About NFTmall

NFTmall is a multi-standard, multi-chain NFT platform where gifted artists (creators) produce and display their skills while earning incentives without third-party interference. It also allows collectors and affiliates to have fun while also earning. NFTmall is not just a marketplace but a community with a native governance token known as GEM that empowers creativity. Look at it as a community that enables NFT production, yielding and staking.NFTmall GEM token bsc:

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