NFTmall Welcomes Innovative Artists to Mint NFTs, List Collections & Get Featured!

3 min readJun 14, 2022


As the markets tumble and make a lot of sleepless nights for the investors’ community, the art market never stops, and the interest in art is still in place. To make the most of it, we created NFTmall — a home for the most inspirational artists. To give our partners the most out of the platform, we are excited to show 2 potential collaboration paths — Featured Artist and NFT Launchpad.

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Be a Featured Artist with Verification Badge

Get yourself featured on the NFTmall homepage and your artworks/drops minted and featured on our NFTmall marketplace! Think of it as a feature exhibition at a world-class gallery — but with your artwork being displayed and marketed on centre stage for all eyes to see.

Showcase your talent to the world. Monetise your artworks with NFTmall.

Verified Badge

What are the Advantages?

  1. Trust. Collectors want to be sure they get a grasp of the original piece of art of your creations. The verification badge assured them that.
  2. Visibility. We’ll showcase your profile on the NFTmall’s homepage. With that, you’ll get exposure to all of our NFTs collectors exploring the site.
  3. Social Promotion. NFTmall will use its Social Media platforms to increase the traction.

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Join the NFT revolution by Minting an NFT today or list your collection on!

Join the creator accelerator program
A primary part of the NFTmall mission is to provide incentivization opportunities to the artist’s community. To achieve a flourishing and growing ecosystem, we decided to launch together with ThunderCore the Creator Accelerator Program.

Program Period: 2022/06/08 ~ 2022/09/05

  • This program will end once the 10 qualified projects have been selected.

Rewards Allocation:

Total 5,000 USD in $GEM (500 USD in $GEM * 10 qualified projects)

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List your NFT Collections on NFTmall

In case you already own an NFT collections / NFT project that looking to showcase a big collection or a good number of NFTs — This service is for you. We’ll create a custom-made storefront for your collection to score as many visits & sales as possible. Also, Royalty is set by you the collection owner!

What are the Advantages?

  1. Community. We are proud to engage an active community of NFT investors and enthusiasts. Currently, our Twitter page holds over 52,000 Followers, and our Telegram channels hold about 10,000 Users.
  2. Costs. Our listing procedure is absolutely FREE. Plus, the platform fees are the lowest in the market. Our fees go low as 2% (1% if paying with GEM). Ensures the most bucks for the users!
  3. Flexibility. Decide on royalty fees that are convenient for your needs (up to 30%). Instant and automatic royalty payouts with every sell. No need to wait for months to collect your royalties.
  4. Simplicity. No coding is required for the NFT launchpad service. Highly customizable NFT marketplace that can meet specific needs of your project.
  5. Materialism. Users can order NFTs in their Physical form. (Coming soon!)

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