NFTmall welcomes new Partner FlatSwap!


Dear, GEM💎Army we are delighted to announce our most recent Partnership with FlatSwap!

NFTmalls opens FLAT Pool / Farm, where GEM 💎holders can Stake GEM LP & Earn FSWP with a High APR 40X!

FLAT Pool/Farms:

Stake GEM-FSWAP LP: we will provide the first 2 days 40X FSWAP rewards( which is currently at the time of this writing over 26876%! then returns to 10x FSWAP rewards.

Stake GEM-BNB LP: We will provide 3x FSWAP rewards which are currently over 25000%!

Provide Liquidity on these pairs and STAKE your LP at

GEM 💎 also joins FSWAP Meme Pool!

The Meme Pool:

Stake FSWAP tokens, to earn GEM 💎!

Total Tokens: 4000 GEM 💎to be distributed (34 days)

Start block: 10532000 (01 September 2021 09:00 A.M. UTC)

Token address: 0xBaC1df744df160877cDc45E13d0394c06bC388Ff

What is Flat Swap?

FlatSwap is a decentralized yield farming platform dedicated to meme tokens. Flat Swap launched on 11 August. Currently, users can use farms, flat pools and meme pools. In the meme pools users can stake fswap and earn meme tokens, currently stake fswap earn doge and stake fswap earn feg pools are open. In the future, we will make more partnerships for meme pools for FSWAP holders.






Reddit: r/FlatEarthTokenFswap

Fswap contract: 0xd22246644d2be5d0427a8e474477d96677c3ec24

Flat contract: 0x41540ba32db90269bb72a7be1d4b1ee18f5544f1

About NFTmall?

NFTmall is a cross-chain, multi-standard marketplace. It is the worlds first creator-centric, Defi & e-commerce powered, physically redeemable NFTmarketplace. It is live Mainnet on BSC and plans to launch its mainnet on Polygon & other networks very soon.NFTmall has continued to elevate the NFTmarketplace to bring the most pleasing user experience and veracious ability to explore interoperability in the NFT metaverse.




NFTmall GEM token bsc address:

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