NFTmall- World’s first creator centric NFT marketplace Launches its Main-net on BSC to bring NFTs to the masses!

Today 7th of August 2021, NFTmall has officially launched its Main-net, making it the world’s first Creator centric NFT marketplace. $GEM, a BEP20 token, is the native currency to the marketplace. NFTmall is distinct, unlike other NFT marketplace platforms, which have a high barrier of entries and turn-offs! Such as inadequate rewards systems, limited access, royalty issues, high platform fees, gas fees etc. With such a bane, creators become less creative while collectors become less interested in digital assets. However, NFTmall encompasses all the different aspects of NFTs and creates the most user-friendly, creator centric NFT marketplace.

The Main-net release of NFTmall made it possible. Users can now access a platform not only with Web3 credentials but also with Web2 Social credentials! This connects the entire NFT marketplace, aggregating every available NFT from any blockchain, bringing increased liquidity and access to a fractured market that currently necessitates the use of multiple applications and additional fees. This launch introduces the creation, buying, and selling of NFTs, as well as several other features that will be available soon. For example, NFT auctions and physical redemptions, Founder NFTs, fractional ownership of NFTs, NFTmall 3D (a VR NFT marketplace), and NFTPAD, an NFT project-based IDO platform!

“NFTmall charges ZERO platform fees and also uses gas less Minting technology making world-first creator centric & the most cost-efficient NFT marketplace, ensuring most userfriendly access and user experience”, says MD Rakib Ahamed, CEO & Founder of NFTmall.

Multichain Buying, selling: Initially launched on BSC, NFTmall will quickly integrate other blockchain networks, offering simplistic buying, selling, and swaps of NFTs in a fully decentralised manner. No other platform offers such user experience and benefits! Moreover, limiting collectors and creators in their ability to transact their NFTs, driving them to less secure over-the-counter exchanges.

Cross-chain Minting: Users can now mint NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain using NFTmall, with plans to quickly integrate networks such as Polygon, Solana, Wax, Cardano, and many more, offering users a seamless trading experience.

Social Features: Social features are also available at NFTmall. These features add another layer of fun and community to the NFT space. Users and Creators can upload their social profile links, interact with one another directly, show off their NFT collections and creations, and share their stories.

Premium Badge: With the NFTmall Premium badge, showcase your talent to the world. A Premium Badge comes with a lot of exclusive perks. You can monetise your artwork with a complementary creator spotlight showcasing your work on the marketplace homepage, which includes advertisements/banners highlighting drops, marketing announcements, zero minting fees, and primary sale fees. Royalty payment set by you, the Creator!

Yes, you heard it right! NFTmall believes royalty percentage should be determined by its creator exclusively. Contrary to the entire landscape of marketplaces currently in the space, NFTmall believes your talent and creativity deserve to be rewarded fairly and equitably.

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About NFTmall

NFTmall is the World’s first Creator centric, Defi & ecommerce powered, Multichain & Standard support Physically redeemable NFT marketplace.

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NFTmall is the First Creator-Centric, DeFi-Powered, Physically-Redeemable NFT marketplace.

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NFTmall is the First Creator-Centric, DeFi-Powered, Physically-Redeemable NFT marketplace.

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