NFTmall X Pandora Protocol: A strategic partnership to leverage NFT Data indexing and an efficient search experience for NFTmall users

2 min readFeb 22, 2022


NFTmall X Pandora

We at NFTmall, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Pandora finance and Pandora Express. The partnership will help us leverage Pandora’s pre-existing APIs for indexing the listed NFTs on This partnership will help us to curate all the NFTs on a single dashboard of Pandora while allowing our users to speculate on the price of NFTs. This partnership will also help us tokenize any real-world asset in the form of NFTs and allow users to speculate on their prices!

This partnership is beneficial for the users of both NFTmall and Pandora, as Pandora Express Protocol’s NFT’directly get listed on the NFTmall’s marketplace, and NFTmall’s users speculate on the NFTs using Pandora express’s dashboard. Pandora’s users will access a broader range of NFTs, which can be traded on NFTmall instantly. Also, the user will be able to fetch the interesting NFTs from the NFTmall ecosystem.

NFT markets have been facing the problem of liquidity to NFTs ratio. As in the current market, the number of NFTs outweigh the available liquidity. Here Pandora’s speculation mechanism comes into play, bringing the much-needed liquidity to the NFT markets. Pandora also assures the accuracy of the information every time we interact with their protocol.

In our bid to provide our users with the best in class experience, Pandora will play a vital role by bringing the much-needed data accuracy and liquidity.

“Pandora is a cleaver project created by taking into account the problems faced by current NFT markets. We are delighted to join forces with Pandora and integrate their NFT data infrastructure with NFTmall.”- MD Rakib Ahamed, CEO & Founder, NFTmall.

About Pandora

Pandora Protocol provides the platform where any real-world asset can be traded in a trustless and frictionless way via NFT. We are leveraging the existing blockchain infrastructure and building a middle-layer Pandora protocol on top of it. This middle layer will help any real-world asset get tokenized in NFT, which can be traded globally anywhere.

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About NFTmall

NFTmall is a multi-standard, multi-chain NFT platform where gifted artists (creators) produce and display their skills while earning incentives without third-party interference. It also allows collectors and affiliates to have fun while also earning. NFTmall is not just a marketplace but a community with a native governance token known as GEM that empowers creativity. Look at it as a community that enables NFT production, yielding and staking.

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