Unleashing the Power of GEM! Introducing the GEM Utility Page with Exciting Benefits and Use Cases.

3 min readMar 8, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the GEM Utility Page, which brings a wealth of benefits to GEM token holders, including exciting new use cases and utilities for the token. We invite you to explore the GEM Utility Page at https://nftmall.io/gem and discover how you can benefit from being a GEM holder.

As many of you already know, GEM is a valuable and versatile token with a range of impressive features. This mechanism has been explained in detail In our most recent article, “Introducing NFTmall v4.0”, we outlined some of the perks of owning GEM, including access to exclusive NFT drops, NFTmall 3D Metaverse and opportunities to earn through hodling GEM tokens.

NFT Drop
One of the most exciting events coming up is the NFT Drop, which is scheduled for the last Friday of every month. The first NFT Drop will take place on March 31st 2023, and will be available exclusively to various tier GEM hodlers through a lottery system on our private Discord channel(GEM Hodlers Entry Only). This is a unique opportunity to get your hands on some amazing NFTs, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Hodl & Earn
In addition, we have some fantastic news for Premium tier GEM hodlers. The first GEM Airdrop is coming up on March 31st 2023. To be eligible for this exciting event, you must hold at least 50K GEM in your wallet through out the whole quarter(1st January-31 March) at 2 pm UTC on March 31st a snapshot will be taken to determine the eligible hodlers. This is a fantastic opportunity to earn passive income/GEM tokens, so start hodling now!

One exceptional event to look out for is when both the NFT Drop and GEM Airdrop occur simultaneously every three months. which will be first on 31st March and the next time these events will overlap is on June 30th 2023, so mark your calendars and get ready for an exciting day!

Buy Back & Burn
Last but not least, we’re thrilled to remind you that GEM is a deflationary token, with a Buyback & Burn mechanism that removes tokens from circulation. So far, 7091.67 GEM have been burned and removed from circulation forever. This mechanism will continue until the token supply reaches 1 million, making GEM even more valuable over time.

In conclusion, we encourage all GEM token holders to take advantage of these exciting events & features and to stay tuned for further updates on our platform. Thank you for your continued support of NFTmall and GEM!

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